Monday, September 14, 2009


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song: "Choose the Right Way" Children's Songbook # 160

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy
Sometimes we are mean to those we should love the most. Do you sometimes get angry or sad at Mommy or Daddy or your brothers and sisters? Why should we try our hardest to Love our family and not get angry at them?

Using This Idea from FHE in a Snap
Using a can of cream, squeeze cheese or a travel size toothpaste - Have a member of your family squeeze some cheese or toothpaste out. Then ask him/her to put the cheese/toothpaste/cream back into the can. Of course, this is impossible. Angry words, name calling, mean comments, or hitting siblings are very easy to say/do. But it is difficult and maybe impossible to fix the damage done by angry words.

We must all try better to be happy and kind and have less anger.


Introduce The Magic Heart Idea found at Unplug Your Kids.

When someone is angry (or sad, playing up, having a tantrum) The Magic Heart goes to whoever needs it most to remind them that they are loved. That person must keep the heart in a safe place. The recipient keeps the heart until another family member is overcome with sadness or anger, then that person passes it along to the new person in need.

Make a banging Wall. Collect various pots, pans, utensils. Tie lengths of string to each piece and attach to a wall outside. Talk about how sometimes we need some time out when we get angry. We need some space to cool off and when we are calm we can join the family again. Or if BEFORE we get angry we can remember the Banging Wall and go there for some alone time and make some music for stress relief. When someone is angry or not behaving the right way to their family - suggest some time out on the banging wall :)

Closing Song: "A Happy Family Children's Songbook # 198

Closing Prayer: Daddy

Cheese and Crackers

Make cup and saucepan shaped treats found Here at Enchanted Kitchen Place lifesaver on each side for a saucepan shape!