Monday, July 4, 2011


Family Home Evening Lesson
Personal Scripture study and Prayers

Opening Prayer: Child

Opning Song:  A child's Prayer #12 Childrens Songbook


(For some reason my children prefer me to say their night prayers for them, and always tell me they dont know what to say and want me to do it! Even though I've taught them several times and they can all say food and family morning prayer with no problems! I felt it was time to give them a little push into saying their personal prayers)

I printed a copy of this chart for each child. We talked about the importance of reading our scriptures everyday even if its just a few verses and to say our morning and night prayers.

I chose a simple yet interesting scripture that we all read. I then said they could now colour in one of the scriptures on the chart under Monday. Later when you go to bed you can colour the girl when you say your night prayers. When they have a certain amount coloured I said they would get a small reward.


Draw, cut out pictures or write words  on a big piece of paper of the things we can pray for

Practice Kneeling, Folding arms and saying prayers

Closing Song: Love is Spoken Here #190 Childrens Songbook

Closing Prayer: Child

Prayer Sandwich Idea from Mormon share