Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sermon on the Mount

Family Home Evening Lesson
Sermon on the Mount

Opening Song: “Choose the Right Way” ( Children’s Song Book #160 )

Opening Prayer: Child

Scripture: This lesson based on Matthew 5

Lesson: Daddy

Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights, then he began his ministry. One of the first things he taught was called the Sermon on the Mount. (Show Gosple Art Picture Kit #212 ) - He and the apostles went up a mountain and this is what Jesus taught - To be humble, be sad with those who are sad - and give them a hug or help them, look for good things and read the scriptures, forgive others and don't fight, be kind, and have a good heart. Then he said You are a light and you have to be an example to others - share what you know to be true and don't hide it. We follow Jesus and we have to be good and show others.

Print out key words from the sermon on the mount - Kind, Forgive, Good, Meek, etc and have child stand on a "mountain" (couch,pile of pillows - what ever you build) and have them hold the paper and say I will be..... Kind... etc if you have Childrens Song you could play "I am trying to be like Jesus" in the background.

Give each person a candle, light one candle and then light the next candle by having them touch - pass on the flame to each candle and say this is an example how we pass goodness on to eachother. *only for children you can trust with fire* (our children have done this and loved it , but they are old enough to know not to touch)

Closing Song: “Love is Spoken Here” ( Children’s Song Book #190 )

Closing Prayer: Mommy

Heart shaped candy
Make Pancakes/cookies/cake/jello in heart shape
Serve type of food from Biblical times - flat bread, olives, fruit
Serve NO FOOD as Jesus fasted 40 days (hee hee ... is that too mean??)
Jello Hearts

Use half the amount of water suggested on the packet. Set Jello in a flat dish. When set use heart cookie cutter to cut shapes out.

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