Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

Family Home Evening Lesson
“New Year and Renewal”

Opening Song: "The World is so Big " Children's Songbook #235

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy

A New Year:

A few days ago we celebrated the start of a new year - 2009. Tonight we will talk more about how special this is to us, that The Lord has given us another year to do more and become better people

Go here to Sofia's Primary Ideas to see an idea about how we can not run/ or jog forever we need to rest, eat, drink. The New Year is a great time to think about the coming year. Often we are on holidays and have some time to think and reflect. However the Lord has also provided a way for us to do this more often. We do not need to wait a whole year to renew ourselves. Each week when we take the sacrament we can start fresh and new in the sight of God.

Sit down and think of one goal for the family (or if it isnt too much, one goal for each child) to do in the coming year. {This year our family is going to kneel for family prayer both morning and night}

Talk about goals that will be reached this year for each family member

New class in Primary

If you haven’t already started the new year with a Fathers/Priesthood blessing for all the children/everyone in the family, do so tonight. This makes a wonderful family tradition to start each new year.

Suggested Activity:
Have a calendar ready and mark off special days in the year - ask for childrens input

In Belgium on New Years children save money to buy decorated paper for writing holiday greetings to parents and god parents. On New Year's morning the children read what they have written to their parents and god parents. Write some New Year Letters to Grandparents, family or just for yourselves. Write your loves and wishes and achievements and keep them somewhere special for the year.

Closing Song: "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" Children's Songbook #228

Closing Prayer: Daddy

Round/ring foods are typically eaten in many European countries at New Year. It symbolises a New Year finished, eternal round of time, A new beginning. The Dutch eat donuts on New year, Italians eat round honey balls, Mexico and Spain eat 12 round grapes

Prepare some "round" foods to eat and enjoy with the family.


Michelle said...

I loved this idea, we did it tonight for FHE and now have our goals types and posted for '09. THANKS!

Damo said...

What a find!! I'm the Bishop of Toowoomba Ward in Australia. I'll be making sure the ward knows about your blog. Thanks.

Sheri Howard said...

This is a cute FHE blog. I will send it to my daughter who has 2 children. Thanks for sharing it. Happy New Year!