Monday, June 8, 2009

Celebrating All Our Fathers

Celebrating All Our Fathers
(Adapted from the Every Day a Father’s Day June 1981 Friend)

Opening Song: “Daddy’s Homecoming” (Children’s Song Book # 210)

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy

“Celebrating All Our Fathers”

Ask your family what a Dad is and let them respond. Ask them when Father’s Day is.

Tell them that everyday a Father is a Father and it doesn’t end when Father’s Day is over with. What are some the things that your Dad does every day for your family? What is for favorite thing about your Daddy?

Who else could be considered a Father to your family? (Grandfather’s, Heavenly Father, Father of the ward, Father of our Country, and add any others that pertain to your family.)

Talk about what makes each of these Fathers everyday of the year not just on Father’s Day.

Talk about how you can make each of these Fathers happy every day.

Here are the ideas from Every Day a Father’s Day:

Heavenly Father
Learn to obey Heavenly Father’s commandments by listening to the counsel of your parents and the instructions from your teachers. Pray to Heavenly Father often. He is real and He loves you. Avoid temptation. Satan is also real, and he can entice you to do things that are wrong.

Earthly Father
Few things please a father more than having a son or daughter who is unselfish, helpful, pleasant, and kind and loving to everyone.
Learn to work hard, study hard, and play hard. When a father’s family is happy, it helps him to become a better kind of person.

Father of the Ward (Bishop)
In addition to his own family, a bishop has responsibility for the welfare of a larger family—all the members of his ward. Another big responsibility the bishop has is the care and upkeep of the meetinghouse. Some of the money paid to the bishop as a contribution to the Church is used to light and heat the building and to pay for many other necessary supplies. The bishop and custodian are especially grateful when we treat the building and all its furnishings and grounds kindly. Remember—it is really the Lord’s house, a place that can be acceptable to Him and a place where we can worship Him in peace and safety.

Father of Your Country
Just as fathers of countries hope that their people will be loyal, patriotic, considerate, and law-abiding citizens who recognize individual differences and needs, local public officials or “City Fathers” have the same hopes and concerns for their people.
If you show that you remember your fathers’ enduring love for you by the way you live, every day can truly be a Fathers’ Day.

Song: “Fathers” (Children’s Song Book # 209)

Activity: Make cards for some of the Fathers that you love and let them know just how much you love them every day of the year.

Closing Song: “My Dad” (Children’s Song Book # 211)

Closing Prayer: Daddy

For a treat make your Dad’s favorite desert.


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awesome!! LOL fathers day is the first sunday in September in Australia :) So I will be prepared

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You gals should do one for Pioneer day, the 24th of July when Brigham Young and the Pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley. I would love to see what you guys could do with a fun holiday like that!

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