Sunday, February 7, 2010


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song: Jesus said Love Everyone Children's Songbook #61

Opening Prayer: Child

Who loves you? (mom, dad,sisters, brothers, grandparents etc)
How do you know they love you?

There is someone else who loves you to, can you guess?
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you.
How do you know that Jesus loves you?

Jesus loves little children. When other men tried to turn the children away, Jesus said to let the little children come unto him.


we dried our hearts on a skewer

Make Salt Dough hearts. Either make then let dry, or make earlier and paint them for the activity. Use a straw to cut a hole in the heart and you can string it into a necklace or ornament to hang.
Make a Paper Heart Leis
Make Valentines Cards for your family

Closing Song: Love One Another Children's Songbook #136

Heart shaped chocolate
Cookie cutter heart shape toast with strawberry topping


The Rush Valley 6 said...

You have super cute ideas! Thanks for helping me out for a quick FHE lesson!

Amanda said...

You're a life saver for FHE. Thanks so much

Jes said...

I was just looking for an easy age appropriate FHE lesson for Valentine's this is PERFECT! Thanks so much for the idea!!

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by our Layers of Learning blog. I'm so happy to find yours too! My sister and I post a family night idea every Monday on
Hopefully you'll come visit us there! Have a great day, and thanks for the great fhe ideas!