Monday, March 1, 2010


Family Home Evening Lesson
Preparing for Easter

Opening Prayer: Dad

Opening Song: "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" Children's Songbook #64

Have a paper easter egg hunt. I purchased a similar thing from a store, but you could easily make yourself. It had paper eggs, basket to put eggs in and arrow signs to point the directions to go.

On the back of the eggs I wrote about something that happened in the lead up to Easter Sunday. You can have the children collect the eggs in order, or you can put them in order once they have all been found around the house.

Just draw an easy picture or write a few words on the back of each egg about the following things:
Palm Sunday
Washing of Disciples Feet
The First Sacrament
Garden of Gethsemene
Easter Sunday- He is Risen

Briefly talk about what happened the week leading up to Easter. Not too much, as I plan to use the other two mondays to go over some of the things in closer detail.

Make this paper fan palm branch

Road to Easter Cut and Paste Work sheet

Closing Song: "Jesus Has Risen" Children's Songbook #70

Closing Prayer: Child

Easter Eggs
Make Egg shaped sugar cookies
Boiled Eggs
Fill some plastic Eggs with small candy


The Harris Family said...

This is so great. we will be using this! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Maggie. I think I've commented once before. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your blog so much! I use it almost every week!

I hope it's okay, but I referenced your site in a post on my blog. It was one of your lessons on kindness that I used and wanted to share. My blog is private, so not too many crazies will be checking your blog.

Thanks again for your lessons! My family really enjoys them!

Greg and Nicolle Sherwood said...
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MoSop said...

Cute ideas! Congrats on being spotlighted in Mormon Times online today. Happy Easter Conference Week! - MoSop

Allison said...

I just have to thank you for this website. Whenever I don't have time to plan our FHE, I always look up your ideas and it is so nice to have them all laid out! Thanks for your efforts!