Saturday, April 3, 2010

He is Risen

Family Home Evening Lesson
He is Risen

Opening Song 'Did Jesus really live again?' Childrens Songbook # 64

Opening Prayer : Child

Lesson: Mom

And Jesus rose again after being Cruxified. This is the important message from Easter. Jesus was resurrected as we will also be one day. Jesus died for us and our sins so that we may live with him again.

When he appeared to the apostles they were afraid. But Jesus said Peace be unto you. He showed them his hands and feet.

They gave him a fish and some honeycomb and he did eat it before them (Luke 24:36-42)


Eat foods from Jesus Time

Check out 12 days of Easter countdown (I know it's too late) but use day 12 idea for tonight - Have an empty egg demonstration for Christ being risen

Christ Centred Ideas from the Ensign
I like the ideas of
holding a family Testimony meeting
Placing Cut out pictures from the Ensign or Friend inside plastic eggs
An egg hunt where the special egg is the empty one

Closing Song: Jesus has risen Childrens song book# 70

Closing Prayer: Child


Eat Honeycomb - I got some real organic honeycomb from a farmers market - YUM!


Lacy said...

I just found this blog and I'm really excited. There so many great ideas and I love that you've covered every base in the lesson sometimes more than once to give us options, but yet they're simple. It's something we can use for young children or expound on for olders. I'm sure this blog will be a staple for our family home evening lessons for quite a while.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

This is a very helpful site! And I just noticed your link to my Easter Countdown...thanks!