Monday, May 10, 2010

The Holy Ghost

Family Home Evening Lesson

The Holy Ghost

Opening Song: "I know my Father lives'  Children's Songbook #5

Opening Prayer : Child

Lesson: Mom

This lesson based on 'The Holy Ghost' chapt 7, Gospel Principles

As God's children left their home in heaven with him to come to earth to our families, the memory of living with Heavenly Father is taken from us. Heavenly Father did not want us to completely forget or have his influence so he sent The Holy Ghost to comfort and guide us.

What is The Holy Ghost Like? How is He different to God and Jesus?

What does The Holy Ghost do? How does he 'talk/reveal' things to us?


Memorise the 1st Article of Faith

Show pictures of activites and ask which ones invite The Holy Ghost (eg Gospel Art Picture Kit of praying, blessings, sacrament, temple, FHE, families together as opposed to other activities)

Holy Ghost Booklet - From Mormon Share

Closing Song: "Listen Listen" Children's SongBook #107

Closing Prayer: Child


White foods. Marshmallows, white iced cookies, milk


The Foster Clan said...

So we are doing a super saturday event with some FHE idea kits. Would there be a problem if we used some of your ideas???

This Girl loves to Talk said...

fine by me, I mean most of them are links to other places, so hopefully those people wont mind....

My opinion is the more the merrier, if we all have great FHE the better children we shall have, but other might not feel the same.