Sunday, March 4, 2012


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: A child's Prayer Children's Songbook #12

Lesson: Dad

I've known about the video segments on for a while but this was the first time we used them. Check out the Media Library ( from click Menu, study, media library, Video) Great with little kids!

We used this segment on Prayer to start our lesson.

New Testament Stories chapter 20 - Jesus teaches about prayer

After watching the short video we talked about prayer.

We said this poem

We fold our arms
Close our eyes
Bow our heads
When the prayer is said

Then we talked about the elements of prayer by asking questions

What do we start a prayer with? (addressing Heavenly Father)
What is next? (giving thanks for the many things we have)
Then we can...(ask for things - safety, health, good dreams, bless food, )
And we end with (in Jesus Name)

We asked how many times a day can you pray? (whenever you like, but the girls came up with the rough answer of we pray 6 times a day - food prayers, family prayers, individual prayers)

We discussed why we should kneel in prayer (respect, humble, people kneel to kings and dignitarys, so the Lord would be even more important, so we concentrate on only the prayer and not slouching on the couch or laying in our bed )

We reminded the children to continue trying hard in their personal prayers morning and night

Closing Song: Children all over the World Children's Songbook #16

Closing Prayer



Kepa Faleta said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! :) Using it tonight for our FHE since my hubby works late every I'm glad I came across this post of yours, THANKS! :)

MrsDez said...

My husband and I were talking this week about teaching our children how to pray properly. Then at church yesterday, I was given a last minute speaking assignment for this Sunday. Yes, on teaching prayer to our families and children and the importance of prayer in our daily lives. I'd been pondering the best way to teach this to my children, who are quite young still, and then last night, this blog post popped up in blogger dashboard. The answer to my prayers. Thank you so much.