Friday, July 18, 2008

Lehi's Vision/Iron Rod

Family Home Evening Lesson
Iron Rod/ Lehi's Vision

Opening Song:"Dare to do Right" Children's Song Book #158

Opening Prayer: Child

Scripture: This lesson based on 1 Nephi 8

Lesson: Mommy

Lehi gathered his family together and said "I have seen a vision" I was in darkness and prayed to God and then I beheld a tree whose fruit made people very happy. I went and had some of the fruit. I wanted my family to share the fruit so I called them over to have some. While looking for my family I saw a river, then a rod of iron on a straight path leading right to the tree. Some people were lost in the mist of darkness and other where in a large building laughing at those who were eating the fruit. The fruit is the love of God and we have to try hard in our life to walk along the path and hold on the the iron rod which is the gospel. Lehi had a vision of how we need to live and what can happen to us if we don't do the right thing.

Beautiful Tree of Life Paintings

Print already coloured Tree of Life Images Tell the whole story using pictures!

Paint your own Tree of Life vision Mural

Act out the story in your lounge room - make an iron rod to lead to some delcious fruit hanging on a makeshift tree

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Closing Song:"Book of Mormon Stories" Children's Songbook #118

Closing Prayer: Child

Fluffy Sky Drink you could use this idea to make a "mist of darkness"

Have some delicious treats hanging off some branches

Fruit or Toffee/caramel Apples


Becky said...

What a neat blog! Great place to gather FHE ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Brooke Jackson said...

THANK YOU! My 3 year old LOVED this activity! We will be back for more ideas!

Michelle said...

i loved this lesson!!! it was great!! i will be on for more!!