Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tower of Babel

Family Home Evening Lesson
How did all the different languages in the world come to be?

Opening Song:"Children all over the world" Children's Song Book #16

Opening Prayer: Mommy

Scripture: This lesson based on Genesis 11:1-9

Lesson: Daddy

The whole world was of one language. The people began to gather in place called Shinar in a plain (big flat area). They said let us make brick, and slime for mortar. They said lets try and make a tower, that will reach heaven, and make a name for ourselves. The Lord was unhappy with what they were choosing to do. He had blessed them that they had the same language and could work together, but they had too much pride and wanted to be known for building a tower to heaven, this is not being humble. The Lord came down and confounded their language. He changed it so everyone spoke different languages and could not talk to each other. This is how many of the different languages around the world came to be.
Pictures found Here and Here


Song - B-A-B-E-L from Suite101
Sing the following song to the tune of B-I-N-G-O:

There was a tower that grew so tall
And Babel was its Name-O
B-A-B-E-L, B-A-B-E-L, B-A-B-E-L
And Babel was its Name-O
God had a plan for this tower
And Babel was its Name-O
B-A-B-E-L, B-A-B-E-L, B-A-B-E-L
And Babel was its Name-O
He mixed up all the languages
So no one could build the tower
B-A-B-E-L, B-A-B-E-L, B-A-B-E-L
And Babel was its Name-O

Teach the children to say Hello in different languages get the big list from WikiHow

Have a building block competition/game. Get all the blocks or any building material and get children to build a tower so big until it falls down

Color in a tower of babel picture found at DLTK's Growing together

Find great activities and Ideas at Danielle's Place

Closing Song:"We are different" Children's Song Book #263

Closing Prayer: Child

Build a tower with graham crackers and peanut butter/mashmallow spread from DLTK's Growing Together alternatively use pretzels to make a building

Use Skewers and diced fruit to build tall fruit "buildings"

Build a tower out of mini muffins and icing

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Your blog address was passed on to me from a family member--I LOVE it! I love the links to all of your sources. THANK YOU for providing such fabulous ideas. I will be visiting often.