Saturday, November 1, 2008

Following the Footsteps of Jesus

Family Home Evening Lesson
“Follow the Footsteps of Jesus”

Opening Song: "I'm trying to be like Jesus" (Childrens Song Book #78)

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy

Following the footsteps of Jesus:

Print out some footprints on paper. Stick them on the floor in a line. Next to each set of footprints lay a picture from the Gospel art Picture Kit. (You can find them here if you don't have them at home: Baby Jesus, Boyhood of Jesus, Baptism of Jesus, Jesus Healing, Jesus Praying, Jesus on the Cross, Jesus in Heaven ) You will make about 8 steps. In order, lay a picture of Jesus as a baby, As a child with Joseph, getting baptised, healing the sick, Praying,On the Cross, and Asending into heaven.

Have each child walk on the footsteps. At each stage say " As Jesus was born, so were you", "Jesus was a child, as you are too" "Jesus was baptised and you will be too when you are 8", "Jesus helped the sick and you will too in your life", "Jesus Prays just like you", "Jesus died and one day you will too", "Jesus went to heaven to be with heavenly father and one day you will too".

At the end of the footsteps I had a plate of treats to be their reward in heaven for making it through the footsteps of life.

Closing Song: “I'll walk with you" (Childrens SongBook #140)

Closing Prayer: Daddy

Brownies/chocolates to be waiting at the end of the step walk

Peanut Butter Foosteps found at Fun Recipes


Erika said...

Oh! I love that!!! It's so simple. :) Great job!

Pineapple Hill said...

My kids will love this.

The Smiths said...

This is a wonderful site! Thank you so very much for your posts!

The Wingwah's said...

I just stumbled onto your blog... thanks so much. My kids are 6(just barely), 3, and 16 months, and most lessons just don't work. THANKS for these cute ideas.
(Don't let the freaky clown fool you.)

The Party of Five said...

I can't wait to do this for FHE tomorrow. It will be great for my 4, 2, and 18 month old. Simple, but yet something they can really understand. I hope you don't mind me posting it on our site. I will give credit to you.

News with Naylor's said...

I have been trying to find an idea for toddlers on following Jesus' example and this is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing.