Friday, November 21, 2008

Giving Thanks

Family Home Evening Lesson
“Giving Thanks”
(Adapted from “Sharing Time: I Am Glad for Many Things,” Friend, Nov 2002)

Opening Song: “I Am Glad for Many Things” (Children’s Song Book # 151)

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy

Giving Thanks:

Read Alma 37:37

Talk to your family about what it means to “let thy heart be full of thanks unto God”.

Read “Counting Blessings” By Marianne Wilson McKnight, Friend, Nov 2000
One day, I started writing down My blessings one by one. I filled both sides of seven sheets And still did not get done.
I wrote down, “friends and family, And legs that run and hop, A cozy bed and clothes to wear, And, of course, my mom and pop.”
I’m grateful for so many things— For sunsets, trees, and rain, For eyes to see and ears to hear, For being free from pain.
I wrote the name of Jesus down— I’m thankful most for Him— Then added, “scriptures, music, love, And my new puppy, Tim.”
And now whenever I feel down And don’t know what to do, I get my blessings notebook out And add a page or two.

Talk to your family about some of the things that you are thankful for and why.

Sing: “I'm Thankful to Be Me” (Children’s Song Book # 11)

Suggested Activities:
Blessings Picture Sheet Sharing Time: “I Have Many Blessings,” Friend, Nov 1989
Blessings Finger Scenes Sharing Time: “I Am Glad for Many Things,” Friend, Nov 2002)
Thanks and Giving Trees (you could have your family fill these out all week long and share them with each other on Thanksgiving Day).

Closing Song: “Thank Thee for Everything” (Children’s Song Book # 10)

Closing Prayer: Daddy

Make Sugar Cone Cornucopias


Craziest Cottrell said...

Thank you for the great site. I linked your blog to mine so I can read it more often. I am glad that I found it, and I hope that you keep it up! Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to let you know that I think you ladies have great ideas. As a primary president in my ward, I like to look at for ideas related to sharing time especially. I think people would enjoy seeing some of your ideas there too. Just a suggestion.