Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song: "Our Primary Colors" Children's Song Book #258

Opening Prayer: Daddy

Lesson: Mommy

Using a packet of feather ask children to place feathers in different spots around the room. Tell this story - Imagine you were asked to go around the entire neighbourhood and leave a feather on the doorstep of each person.

Using a book or like blow the feathers from their original spots

The next day their assignment is to gather the feathers from the doorsteps

Explain how it would be difficult to collect the feathers as the wind would have blown the feathers away at night.

This is how satan convinces us it is easy to tell a lie or say mean things about people. It's as easy as placing a feather down. However it is very hard to gather feathers once they have been blown away. As with lying or saying mean things, they come out of our mouth easy, but it is impossible to take them back.

Activity: Place a coin (or chocolate coin) in children's shoes and tell this story from President Hinckleys life (a story his father told him or you can see the video on You Tube Mormon Messages HERE )

An older boy and his companion were walking along a road by a field. The saw an old coat and a worn pair of mens shoes. The younger boy suggested they hide the shoes, conceal themselves and watch the owner wonder where his shoes are.

The older boy, thought that would not be nice. He said the owner must be very poor. He suggested instead that they put a silver dollar in each shoe, and then hide and see what the man does when he finds the coins.

Soon the man came tried to slip on his shoes and found the silver dollars. Wonder and surprise showed in his face. He looked around but could find nobody. Then man knelt down and gave a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for whoever put the money there. The man had a sick wife and children without any bread.

The boys hid until the man was gone. The older boy said "Don't you have a good feeling? Aren't you glad we didn't try to trick the man by hiding his shoes?"

Tell the family members to look in their shoes.

Encourage them to be honest and kind to others.

Closing Song: "I believe in being Honest" Children's Songbook #149

Closing Prayer: Mommy


Chocolate Coins

Cotton Candy (is this feathery??)


mckenna said...

Hi! I just found your website and I'm so excited for tomorrow night! We're using your lesson on Reverence for our children (age 23 months and 4) and have adapted your ideas for our family. It was so simple! And I think the lesson will go so perfectly for them! I'm not great at figuring out how to teach young children these kinds of concepts and KEEP THEIR ATTENTION. I think this will work so great! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

Comella said...

Super blog.

Hallie said...

Love this lesson on Honesty...could you tell me where you found the story that you used about the coin in the man's shoe? Thanks tons!