Sunday, October 11, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

Family Home Evening Lesson
Warm Fuzzies

Opening Song: 'Give said the little stream' Childrens Songbook # 236

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy

Ask Child "What things do you like to do for your birthday?

Last year the prophet Pres Monson was asked the same question ~ what he would like for his birthday? He answered "Find someone who is having a hard time or is ill or lonely, and do something for him or her.”

Isn't this a very nice thing? Why should we serve/help others?

Why would the prophet be happy if we go and help others, or visit the sick or lonely?


Some Children, after hearing Pres Monson say this started a 'warm fuzzies jar' Each time they did something good for another person they were able to put a warm fuzzy in the jar. They kept going until the jar was full.

We are going to make a warm fuzzy jar too.

Decorate Jar as you desire, have a bowl of pom poms/cotton balls for children to see.
* we decorated our with sticky foam letters that says 'fuzzies' and a ribbon*

Do a service in the house right away and place some 'warm fuzzies' in the jar to get started.

Challenge the children to do something nice for someone in the family, neighbour or friend so they can put more pom pom's in the jar

Find Video Here of President Monson's Talk "What have I done for someone today?" You could play this while you do the activity or have children watch while eating the treat.

Closing Song: ' Called to Serve ' Children's Songbook # 174

Closing Prayer: Daddy


M&M's or any other colourful ball shaped candy

Using a cookie cutter cut circle shapes out of slice of bread. Butter and sprinkle with colourful sprinkles of your choice

* I also think this would be a nice activity to do for the month of November for Thanksgiving or December as a Christmas Service Idea for kids


The Fischer Family said...
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The Fischer Family said...

Ok..take 2! I think this looks like such a fun thing to do! My 5 and 3 year olds would love this! Thanks for the idea!

Amy said...

Great lesson! I searched for FHE lessons for young children and your site popped up near the top. Thank you! I do FHE for a 5 year old and she just doesn't get some of the bigger abstract concepts and activities. I'm sure I'll come back here often! Oh, and I appreciate that you've done them recently and are using President Monson's talks as basis as I'm trying to teach her about the current prophet. Thanks again!

esmiley said...

We did this activity tonight. My 3-year-old is THRILLED and can't wait to do more nice things tomorrow so she can add more warm fuzzies to her jar. We're going to try and fill it up by the time she's old enough for primary (January).