Sunday, October 25, 2009

Satans Web

Family Home Evening Lesson
Satans Web

This lesson based on one found at Chocolate on my Cranium

Materials Needed: Spider Web,Fake Spider

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: "Choose the Right Way" Childrens Songbook #160

Lesson: Mommy

Hold up a plastic spider or drawing of a spider (I got my girls to draw me a spider earlier ~ they were excited as I wouldn't tell them what I needed it for :)

What is this? What does it do? (catches prey in its web)

Hold up a picture of a web or point to web on your wall
( Halloween is a good time to pick up a cheap web. As it is not widely celebrated in Australia we made our own ~ I got my husband to make this with the girls from wool and some pins on our wall before FHE and they were so EXCITED, as I wouldnt tell them what it was for!)

What is this? What does it do? (Webs are sticky and sometimes hard to see ~ when an insect flies into it , it will be caught and the spider can eat it)

Read this quote
"Now a word of caution to all - both young and old - both male and female. We live at a time when the adversary is using every means possible to ensnare us in his web of deceit, trying desperately to take us down with him (Thomas S Monson, Ensign May 2009)

What ways does Satan always try to trick us?

(Have some prepared written or typed out answers on strips of paper)such as lying, cheating, Anger, Swearing,Laziness, Disobeying parents,Fighting, smoking, drugs, Alchol

Allow children to stick the words in the web (my girls just loved sticking these up and fought over whose turn it was constantly)

Talk about how you can avoid Satans Web

Make Spider Pretzels found at Family Fun

Play a catch type of game

Closing Song: "Dare to do Right" Children's Songbook #158


Erika said...

What a creative idea! I love it!

famr_4evr said...

This is so awesome!! I wish I had seen this Sunday or Monday. I'm gonna try and do it for a "I'm Bored" activity. Maybe even remember it next year. Hmmmm That means I have to bookmark it. My mind isn't that good.

Aleena said...

I just found this site while searching for a FHE idea tonight. I'm going to do this before I take down my spider web that we hung for halloween. I'm looking forward to checking back with you guys. Thanks for posting!

ohmylanta said...

Love IT!!!