Monday, June 28, 2010

Everyone is Special

Family Home Evening Lesson

Everyone is special

Opening Song:  "Can a little Child like me?" Children's Songbook #9

Opening Prayer : Child

Lesson: Mom

Lesson Based on President Monson's Message  Canaries with Grey on their Wings from the June 2010 Ensign 

The Prophet President Monson was given a canary from a lady in his ward. She had two perfect yellow canaries and one with grey specks on it's wings. The lady said "This canary isnt the prettiest but it has the best song"

Sometimes we might not feel as pretty, or as big, or as smart as others. But each of us is important to the Lord. We must be good and use our talents. There are many people like the canary with grey wings. We might not be perfect but we can be good at other things.

Ask Children "What are you good at?"  "What are your talents?"


CD Bird Craft  (make in yellow)
Egg Cup Bird, Pinecone Bird, Paper Bird, Paper Plate Bird crafts

Share or Show examples of  your talents

Closing Song: "I'm thankful to be me" Children's Songbook #11

Closing Prayer: Child

Bird Cookies   (scroll half way 'Raven Cookies) 
Bird Sugar Cookies

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Puanani503 said...

Thank you for this..I can't wait to give the lesson for FHE this evening. We haven't had one for so long.