Monday, July 5, 2010

Missionary Work

Family Home Evening Lesson

Missionary Work

Opening Song: "I hope they call me on a mission" Children's Songbook #169

Opening Prayer : Child

Lesson: Mom

Our Bishopric asked us to have a FHE on Missionary Work. This is the lesson my husband came up with

We gave one of our children a packet of lollies (candy)- the type in a roll with several inside.

She came out in front of the others and we asked:

What do you do if you have something special?

(all the other girls immediately said "SHARE!")

How would you feel if she didn't share?  (sad, upset etc)

If you didn't see the lollies, how would you know that she had something special? (we wouldn't)

We likened this to sharing the gospel. Talk about missionary work, how we can share what we know with our friends and neighbours. We want all people to know about what we think is special to us. (Share the candy)

Then we gave everyone a candle.

Daddy had the lit candle and said it was like his testimony. He wanted to 'share' it with us.

One by one we lit each others candles 'passing on our testimonies' to one another.


My husband unpacked everything from his mission :)

He showed photos (most amazing 'cause none of us have ever seen him with hair)
We played with his collection of badges
He showed us letters he wrote and his journals
We practiced some of the languages he learnt
He showed us the mission rule book and read some out
He showed Ezra Taft Bensons Signature to them (old I know!)

Closing Song:  "Called to serve"  Children's Songbook #174

Closing Prayer: Child


Share Candy with one another

I found this lesson very successful and the girls stayed interested for over half an hour!


bcfamily said...

Cute and simple lesson. Thanks! :)

Seth Jenson said...

Going to do this one tonight. Thanks!