Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baptism/Blessing Day

Family Home Evening Lesson


Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: When I am baptised Children's Songbook #103


My husband came home one monday night and asked our girls to go get on their white dresses. He said Mummy will put on her wedding dress and I will wear my white suit.

Everyone scrambled off and we came together to have a 'dressed in white' photoshoot.

We put the poem My Three White Dresses up on the big screen and had them read it out.

Each of us had our own blessing dresses and we looked at how tiny they were.

We talked about why we wear white.
Why each dress is important.
What promises we make when we wear each dress.

Each girl then tried on my wedding dress and had their photo taken.

A very simple, easy FHE but one my girls LOVED!

I'm so sure I once saw on the net a boys version of the Three White dresses poem, but after googling for those of you who have sons, I found nothing! I'm sure boys can look at their blessings clothes, and dad's white baptism clothes, or pictures from wedding/baptisms on their dad's missions etc for a similar theme


SugarDoodle has a great list of baptism booklets, lesson ideas, clipart, poems and number 8 cookies.

White Clothes Dress up

Look through photos of their blessing day

Closing song: Baptism Children's Songbook #100

Closing Prayer: Child


White frosted cupcakes
White Candy
8 shaped cookies

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Jannet said...

Loved this! Wish blogs like this had been around when I was raising my family!

Great job!