Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

Family Home Evening Lesson
72 Hour Kit

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: I feel my Savior's Love # 74 Childrens Songbook

Lesson: Dad

A devastating flood where we live bought us to attention about our 72 hour packs. We packed our evacuation suitcases just in case we had to leave (we did not) and it reminded us to be prepared.

We are usually good with keeping up to date food in our Kids 72 hour pack. However AFTER the disaster was over we noticed our food was 6 months out of date! We must have missed our last rotation! Lucky we didn't have to drink that curdled long life milk!

For FHE we showed the kids our 72 hour kits and got them to rebag new ones. They were allowed to eat the food in the old ones that was still fine to eat (muslie bars, chocolate etc)

Here is an example of  our easy 72hr kit zip lock bags. (that go inside another bag)

Kids bagging them

We have a one litre long life milk, mini cereal boxes, Juice boxes and muslie bars and some plastic spoons in each bag.

It was fun to lay out all the items on the floor and have them sort and bag them.

Talk about why an emergency bag is important.
- Food we can take with us anywhere
- Food that doesn't need refridgeration
- To prevent us from having to panic buy (lots of that happened here)
- So we won't be worried and know that we are safe and will be fed

I have heard that changing your 72 hour kits at conference is a good time to remember to do it every 6 months! These little bags will do till then. We will replenish them again then.

*Whilst I know this is no comprehensive 72 hour pack, its fun and easy for both kids and adults. For more organised comprehensive 72 hour kits click here


Noah's Ark.
Draw, act out, gather supplies for your ark.

Closing Song: Keep the Commandments # 146 Children's Songbook

Closing Prayer:  Mom


Eat food storage food!
Canned fruits, muslie bars etc

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Ethnie said...

I just want you to know I have used many of your ideas and appreciate the time you take to post them online. It has positively influenced our lives. Thanks!