Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strenthening Our Family

Family Home Evening Lesson
Strengthening Our Family

My 8 and 6 year old daughters did this lesson for our family (after being taught it in Primary - some hope for parents of young children - continue with FHE and one day they will do it for you!! :)

Opening Song: "Here we are together" Children's Songbook # 261

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy

What ways can we make our family strong?

be nice to eachother, help around the house, prayers, scripture reading, go to church etc If you have gospel picture kit, show pictures of these things, family proclamation.

Why does our family need to work together, why does it need to be strong?

Object Lesson

Using Oranges/apples or rocks (something that won't blow away) My girls used 2 oranges and they told this lovely (if not cheesy, story they made up :)

"This is the Orange family. They have a mum and dad and 5 kids. They are all nice to eachother and like to help. They are kind and listen and go to church and read scriptures. They clean up and like to play together and love their family"

Then they got a hair dryer and blew on the orange family

When small problems come (put hairdryer on low setting) the family still stayed together. When big problems came (high setting) from THE SIN MACHINE (yes they actually called the hairdryer that - My husband and I were laughing so much!!) the family was still strong and able to work through it.

Next family is the LID family (use plastic bottle lids or something that will blow away)

"This is the Lid family. They don't listen to eachother. They seem to fight a lot and don't like to help around the house. The forget to have their scriptures and prayers and can be mean to eachother. They don't look out for each other as best they should"

When problems come, even small ones (low setting on hairdryer) their family is blown away. They do not stick together. When big problems come it is even worse.

Which family do we need to be like?

What can we do better in our family to be like the Orange family? How can we stay strong?

Make a paper chain or something symbolic of your family being joined together

Show how the more pieces of string or sticks tied together the stronger it becomes

Closing Song: “Families can be together Forever" Children's Songbook #188

Closing Prayer: Daddy


Eat Oranges or Apples :)
Have one big dessert and some spoons and all 'share' it together