Monday, November 26, 2012

Jesus Advent Calendar

Family Home Evening Lesson
Jesus Advent Calendar

Prayer: Child

Song: Once within a lowly stable Childrens Songbook #41


Go here to my personal blog for full instructions Religious Advent Calendar

To make a Jesus Tag/ornament:

Cut pictures from the Ensign Magazine {we borrowed from Grandma's stash}or print some

I just used a glue stick to stick the picture onto regular white copy paper

Cut around leaving a small border of white

Glue onto cardstock. I used what I had on hand - Dark Blue and Gold

Cut again leaving another small border.


Cut around lamination, add a bow {12 for $2}by piercing a hole at the top.

Add a string.

Paint some sticks white and use to hang a picture a day for the month of december.

You can talk about what is happening in the picture or add a scripture for extra if desired.

Closing Song: Picture a Christmas Childrens Songbook #50

Closing Prayer: Child