Sunday, August 2, 2009


Family Home Evening Lesson

(Inspiration from Pratts Pioneer Resources )

Opening Song: "Little Pioneer Children" Children's Songbook # 216

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mommy
Pioneers - Gospel Art Picture Kit #412 Or show pictures of Covered wagons, Pioneers.

Who are Pioneers? What did they do that was special? What can we learn from Pioneers?

"The air was charged with excitement as the families with their wagons, oxen, sheep, and other livestock gathered at the Missouri River to start the long trek westward early in the spring of 1852.

As twelve-year-old Albert Dickson wandered among the wagons, he saw many children. He even discovered several boys his own age. It was good to know that he would have friends on the long trip ahead.

Albert was just one of thousands of children pioneers who crossed the continent in the migration to the western states in the late 1840s and early 1850s
Pioneers are generally thought of as adults, but the majority of the western pioneers were actually children like young Albert Dickson, who trekked the westward trails and settled in the valleys of the mountain west. As they grew older, they became the leaders of many thriving communities that were literally carved out of a barren and hostile land."

Find rest of story here at Children Pioneers from The Friend

Walk around the house ( or neighbourhood) pulling toy carts or carrying some things. Dress up a little with bonnets, skirts, hats, scarves if you have.

Pioneer Children Colouring In/ Feltboard Pieces

Pretzel Log cabin!! VERY CUTE

(I couldn't find straight pretzels nor have a small milk carton so we are making flat house/log cabin shapes on plates using wafers and chocolate finger stick cookies stuck down with peanut butter)

Pioneer Children Toy and Game Ideas

Friend Magazine Pioneer Board Game

Closing Song: "The Handcart Song" Children's SongBook #220

Closing Prayer: Daddy


Eat the Pretzels
Homemade biscuits/bread