Sunday, June 3, 2012

Being like the Anti -Nephi - Lehi's

Family Home Evening Lesson
Anti Nephi Lehi's

Opening Song:  Kindness begins with me Children's Songbook #145

Opening Prayer: Child


My older girls taught this lesson based on a primary class they had the week before

Talk about the story of the Anti Nephi Lehi's
Story and Picture found here

Give each child a piece of paper. On the small paper write down bad words that they know they should not use. {ours included things such as stupid, idiot, poop head, I hate..., etc} Talk about how these are not good words and we don't want them in our family anymore. We are going to get rid of them.

Roll up or scrunch the paper and head to the back yard and choose a spot to bury the bad words.

Dig down and have each child lay their words in the hole. Cover hole.

Now we have buried our bad words we are going to try very hard not to use them anymore.

Bad words are just like weapons as they can hurt people.

We want to make a promise like the Anti Nephi Lehi's to put down our weapons and never to hurt anyone. Read out  Alma 24:17-18

Closing Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone Children's Songbook #61

Closing Prayer: Child