Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

Family Home Evening Lesson
New Year FHE goals

Prayer: Child

Opening Song: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam  Songbook #60


We put forth the question to our girls tonight -
What can we all do to make Family Home Evening better this year?

These are the answers that came up:

Chocolate for the treat

An "I love You because..." spot (one person each week and we will list things we love about them)

Bring back 60 second silence (to get our kids to be quiet and get ready for FHE and to practice reverence we use to time to see how long they could be completely quiet for)

Take Turns at teaching the lesson

Outings for FHE once every two months

A hug at the beginning and end of FHE

recite/learn more scriptures

More games

Continue with our 'fancy dinner' night meals before FHE
(we set the table with tablecloth and full settings and fancy cups on monday night and try to have a good quality meal. interesting side note the kids are more acceptable to higher quality (read vegetables) meals on these nights because I say this is what you would get in a restaurant ;)

Act out stories of different prophets in the Book of Mormon and scriptures

Always sing Popcorn and Snowman

Most of these we thought up by our kids. I was very surprised at a few of them. Even though this is a completely SIMPLE idea I thought I would share it because our girls came up with some lovely ideas I wouldn't have thought of myself, or knew that they wanted.

Wishing you all the best with successful Family Home Evenings in 2012!