Saturday, November 5, 2011


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song: A Child's Prayer Children's Songbook #12

Opening Prayer: Child


For this lesson I prepared some strips of paper and made two groups.

One group was "I should pray" the other group was "I shouldn't pray"

I prepared strips of paper that said things like:

When someone is sick
when I am lost or alone
Over my food
For safety and protection
Night and morning
when I am thankful
If I need calming


For lots of money
To ask for a pony or lots of toys
When I want another team to lose
To wish harm upon another person

I read out the strips and each child got a turn at choosing which side the item belonged to. Things that are suitable to pray for, or things that aren't really suitable to pray for. It worked really well and the girls enjoyed guessing and got most of answers right. I then asked them to think of some extra things we could add to our lists.

I originally had 'when I am angry' on the when not to pray side as I meant it in a 'I shouldn't say an angry prayer about how much I hate my sisters and I wish God would do something to show them' way. My girls all said you SHOULD pray when you are angry and it will help you calm down mum! ... so I changed it to 'If I need calming' !

This was a easy simple lesson that worked out well for our family. Any other things you could add to the list of times to pray?

* Idea Inspired by Holly over at Delightful Domestic Science

Closing Song: Search Ponder and Pray Children's Songbook #109

Closing Prayer: Child