Sunday, September 2, 2012

Power of Procreation

Family Home Evening Lesson
Power of Procreation

Opening Song: I am a child of God Childrens Songbook #2

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Mum

This lesson was inspired when our 5 year old asked how did she start/become a baby in mummies tummy and how did she grow

We scoured Youtube to find a 'stages of growth of a baby' (fetal development) video we felt was family suitable. There are many around, find one you feel comfortable with.

After viewing a few of them (kids totally loved it! and wanted more) and answering any questions (enjoy!! ;) they had we then had a sit down little more serious talk about:

*Having babies is a miracle and extreme blessing.
We have only had it happen FOUR times in our family!

*One must wait till after marriage to use this very special ability God has given us

*Families are very important and every child deserves to be blessed with a mother father and siblings if possible

*The process of making babies is a wonderful thing but one that must be treated with respect and love at the right time.


Look through some of your family photo albums of the children as babies and even mum and dad and other relatives if you have them available.

Closing Song: I am like a star Children's Songbook #163

Closing Prayer: Child


Baby food!