Saturday, November 5, 2011


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song: A Child's Prayer Children's Songbook #12

Opening Prayer: Child


For this lesson I prepared some strips of paper and made two groups.

One group was "I should pray" the other group was "I shouldn't pray"

I prepared strips of paper that said things like:

When someone is sick
when I am lost or alone
Over my food
For safety and protection
Night and morning
when I am thankful
If I need calming


For lots of money
To ask for a pony or lots of toys
When I want another team to lose
To wish harm upon another person

I read out the strips and each child got a turn at choosing which side the item belonged to. Things that are suitable to pray for, or things that aren't really suitable to pray for. It worked really well and the girls enjoyed guessing and got most of answers right. I then asked them to think of some extra things we could add to our lists.

I originally had 'when I am angry' on the when not to pray side as I meant it in a 'I shouldn't say an angry prayer about how much I hate my sisters and I wish God would do something to show them' way. My girls all said you SHOULD pray when you are angry and it will help you calm down mum! ... so I changed it to 'If I need calming' !

This was a easy simple lesson that worked out well for our family. Any other things you could add to the list of times to pray?

* Idea Inspired by Holly over at Delightful Domestic Science

Closing Song: Search Ponder and Pray Children's Songbook #109

Closing Prayer: Child


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lehi's Vision/ Tree of Life

Family Home Evening Lesson
Lehi's Vision

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: The Iron Rod

Scripture: 1 Nephi 9

Earlier Preparation:
- A Tree/bush etc covered in fairy lights
- A rope zig zagged  through your house/garden

We read through a few of the scriptures from Lehi's dream. Smaller children can be told/show pictures of the various elements (Iron rod, path, fountain, mist of darkness, Tree of Life)

When then told the children we were going to follow a similar Iron Rod which was a rope that started from the living room and went out the front door and outside and criss crossed our garden and around fences etc. As it was night time we pointed out that this was like "the mist of darkness". The children held tight to the rope and followed it.

It ended at a tree lit up with fairy lights with their Dad standing under it to give them some of the 'fruit' of the tree.

Our children really enjoyed this simple activity and wanted to follow the rope again.

Fruit for The Tree of Life or any special treat that could symbolize it

Closing Song: "Book of Mormon Stories" Childrens Songbook #118

Closing Prayer: Mom

*Thanks to my friend Summer who gave me the idea/suggestion for this FHE lesson.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Family Home Evening Lesson
Personal Scripture study and Prayers

Opening Prayer: Child

Opning Song:  A child's Prayer #12 Childrens Songbook


(For some reason my children prefer me to say their night prayers for them, and always tell me they dont know what to say and want me to do it! Even though I've taught them several times and they can all say food and family morning prayer with no problems! I felt it was time to give them a little push into saying their personal prayers)

I printed a copy of this chart for each child. We talked about the importance of reading our scriptures everyday even if its just a few verses and to say our morning and night prayers.

I chose a simple yet interesting scripture that we all read. I then said they could now colour in one of the scriptures on the chart under Monday. Later when you go to bed you can colour the girl when you say your night prayers. When they have a certain amount coloured I said they would get a small reward.


Draw, cut out pictures or write words  on a big piece of paper of the things we can pray for

Practice Kneeling, Folding arms and saying prayers

Closing Song: Love is Spoken Here #190 Childrens Songbook

Closing Prayer: Child

Prayer Sandwich Idea from Mormon share

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Countdown

Family Home Evening
Easter Countdown
Opening Song:  Tell me the stories of Jesus Children's Songbook #57
Opening Prayer: Child
Lesson: Mom
Go over to my Personal Blog and see how we made an Easter Countdown
Using Card cut in egg shape, paint, draw, decorate 7 eggs in any way you wish.
Either sew them together as link above, or just stick to wall or tie with ribbons.
On the back of the eggs write down some activities to do as a family.
Here are 7 examples of things you can do leading up to the week of Easter.
If you want a longer countdown calendar add other activities such as Egg hunts, dyeing eggs, bunny and chick crafts etc.

Palm Sunday :
Make a Palm Cross , reenact Jesus on a donkey and people waving palm fronds.

Monday: (cleansing of the temple)
Talk about how church/temple should be a place of calm and worship and not a house of caos.
Make Soft Pretzels (shaped like folded arms for prayer)

Tuesday: (teaching at the temple)
Jesus taught what is the greatest law. Love thy neighbour as they self.
Take a gift for your neighbours

Mary washed Jesus Feet and offered expensive oils/purfume.
Reenact with children and wash their feet (I find this very humbling and moving)

Thursday: Preparing for Passover
Read the story of the passover John 13:1-11 and make a simple passover meal.
Unleavened bread, lamb, horseradish, Haroset, Parsley and salt water details here

Friday: The day Jesus Died
Make Hot cross buns and discuss Cruxifiction

Saturday: Festival of Light
Make lanterns, candle holders to symbolise those that wait for Jesus resurrection

Sunday: He is Risen
Hold family testimony meeting, attend church.

These ideas all came from Christianity Today Easter Ideas page.

Closing Song: I feel my Saviours Love Childrens Songbook #74

Closing Prayer: Dad

Decorate oval shape cookies with frosting and m&m's and mini marshmallows.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: Did Jesus really live again  Children's Songbook #64

We created an Easter Tree using branches and painted them white. Over the next few weeks we will be adding things to it. This week I decided to make a modified version of a decoration we make for christmas.

Cut out pictures of Jesus from Old Ensigns, Friend or New Era magazines. I've also found really nice pictures in Deseret catalogues. If you don't have these print pictures found online.

Stick picture to card and on the other side add a scripture verse. Some of the following might be useful

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive  (1 Corinthians 15:22)

I am the ressurrection and the life  (John 11:25)

Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen (Luke 24:3-6)

Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world  (John 16:33)

Because I live, ye shall live also  (John 14:19)

And now after the many testimonies which have been given of him,this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!! For we saw him. (D&C 76:22-23)

Laminate (if you desire) add ribbon and hang on your easter reminder tree.
Or add to gift baskets for friends and family.

Closing Song: Easter Hosanna Childrens Songbook #68
Closing Prayer:


Easter treats!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting to know the Scriptures

Family Home Evening Lesson
Getting to know your scriptures

Opening Song: "Search Ponder and Pray" Children's Songbook #109

Opening Prayer: Child

Lesson: Dad

Our daughter who was recently baptised received new Scriptures (Quad). We thought a lesson about Getting to know the scriptures would be good. We were surprised! at how little our 10 and 8 year old knew about their Scriptures despite reading them everyday! I suppose when you use a bookmark and open the book daily for them for family scripture study - you are not teaching them!! 

We started with a quick perusal of their new scriptures.
They checked  out the tabs, ribbon bookmarks, pictures section etc.

We then asked them questions like

What is/find the first book of the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon

Using the title page to find other books (give them some unusual ones to find)

We chose a word to look up in the Topical Guide. When then followed it to the scripture.

We looked at footnotes and what the little letters mean and then folllowed it back to the Bible Dictionary and Topical Guide


Lesson Ideas over at

Printable Scripture Cards  (like Go Fish)

Make bookmarks to remind children to read scriptures everyday

Closing Song: "Book of Mormon Stories" Children's Songbook #118

Closing Prayer: Child


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song "Jesus said Love Everyone"  Childrens Songbook #61

Opening Prayer: Child


Lesson: Mom

We started our lesson by rolling out a big sheet of paper with the word LOVE written in big letters in the middle. We asked 'who should we show love to?'  The children wrote and drew their answers all around the piece of paper.

Answers included :

Family, Mum and Dad, Sisters, Neighbours, Heavenly Father, Jesus, Cousins, Pets, Best friends, School Teachers, Primary Teachers, etc

We then made some tiny valentines/love notes on bits of card and pegged them to some string. We hung it on our mantle and I said any time you do some service or something kind this week, add another heart/note onto our string.


make a Paper Heart Wreath

Play Hide the heart with a toy heart/softie

Make heart cookies/treats to give to family/neighbours

Make heart rocks

Make origami heart note holders

Closing Song Love One Another Children's Songbook #136

Closing Prayer: Dad


Using a heart cookie cutter make fairy bread. Spread bread with butter and sprinkle with 100s and 1000's or pink and red sprinkles. Cut out heart shape using cutter.

Heart Chocolates

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

Family Home Evening Lesson
72 Hour Kit

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: I feel my Savior's Love # 74 Childrens Songbook

Lesson: Dad

A devastating flood where we live bought us to attention about our 72 hour packs. We packed our evacuation suitcases just in case we had to leave (we did not) and it reminded us to be prepared.

We are usually good with keeping up to date food in our Kids 72 hour pack. However AFTER the disaster was over we noticed our food was 6 months out of date! We must have missed our last rotation! Lucky we didn't have to drink that curdled long life milk!

For FHE we showed the kids our 72 hour kits and got them to rebag new ones. They were allowed to eat the food in the old ones that was still fine to eat (muslie bars, chocolate etc)

Here is an example of  our easy 72hr kit zip lock bags. (that go inside another bag)

Kids bagging them

We have a one litre long life milk, mini cereal boxes, Juice boxes and muslie bars and some plastic spoons in each bag.

It was fun to lay out all the items on the floor and have them sort and bag them.

Talk about why an emergency bag is important.
- Food we can take with us anywhere
- Food that doesn't need refridgeration
- To prevent us from having to panic buy (lots of that happened here)
- So we won't be worried and know that we are safe and will be fed

I have heard that changing your 72 hour kits at conference is a good time to remember to do it every 6 months! These little bags will do till then. We will replenish them again then.

*Whilst I know this is no comprehensive 72 hour pack, its fun and easy for both kids and adults. For more organised comprehensive 72 hour kits click here


Noah's Ark.
Draw, act out, gather supplies for your ark.

Closing Song: Keep the Commandments # 146 Children's Songbook

Closing Prayer:  Mom


Eat food storage food!
Canned fruits, muslie bars etc

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baptism/Blessing Day

Family Home Evening Lesson


Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: When I am baptised Children's Songbook #103


My husband came home one monday night and asked our girls to go get on their white dresses. He said Mummy will put on her wedding dress and I will wear my white suit.

Everyone scrambled off and we came together to have a 'dressed in white' photoshoot.

We put the poem My Three White Dresses up on the big screen and had them read it out.

Each of us had our own blessing dresses and we looked at how tiny they were.

We talked about why we wear white.
Why each dress is important.
What promises we make when we wear each dress.

Each girl then tried on my wedding dress and had their photo taken.

A very simple, easy FHE but one my girls LOVED!

I'm so sure I once saw on the net a boys version of the Three White dresses poem, but after googling for those of you who have sons, I found nothing! I'm sure boys can look at their blessings clothes, and dad's white baptism clothes, or pictures from wedding/baptisms on their dad's missions etc for a similar theme


SugarDoodle has a great list of baptism booklets, lesson ideas, clipart, poems and number 8 cookies.

White Clothes Dress up

Look through photos of their blessing day

Closing song: Baptism Children's Songbook #100

Closing Prayer: Child


White frosted cupcakes
White Candy
8 shaped cookies

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word of Wisdom

Family Home Evening Lesson

Word of Wisdom

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: "The Word of Wisdom"  Childrens Songbook # 154


Using Doctrine and Covenants 89 as your guide ask children to draw some of the following pictures.
(If your children are too young you can pre draw these)

Hot drink
treasure chest

As you read out the Word of Wisdom found in chapter 89 get the children to hold up their pictures when they hear you say the words.

This type of activity could be used for any descriptive verses found in the scriptures.


Excellent WoW ideas found at Sugar Doodle eg making a food pyramid, giving each child a small plant

Cut out  pictures of food. Make a collage of healthy and good for you foods.

Fruits, Vegetables, Grains  printed game at  teach lds children. com

Closing song: "The Lord gave me a Temple" Children's Songbook #153

Closing Prayer: Child


Whole grains and healthy foods
Fruit smoothies