Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lehi's Vision/ Tree of Life

Family Home Evening Lesson
Lehi's Vision

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: The Iron Rod

Scripture: 1 Nephi 9

Earlier Preparation:
- A Tree/bush etc covered in fairy lights
- A rope zig zagged  through your house/garden

We read through a few of the scriptures from Lehi's dream. Smaller children can be told/show pictures of the various elements (Iron rod, path, fountain, mist of darkness, Tree of Life)

When then told the children we were going to follow a similar Iron Rod which was a rope that started from the living room and went out the front door and outside and criss crossed our garden and around fences etc. As it was night time we pointed out that this was like "the mist of darkness". The children held tight to the rope and followed it.

It ended at a tree lit up with fairy lights with their Dad standing under it to give them some of the 'fruit' of the tree.

Our children really enjoyed this simple activity and wanted to follow the rope again.

Fruit for The Tree of Life or any special treat that could symbolize it

Closing Song: "Book of Mormon Stories" Childrens Songbook #118

Closing Prayer: Mom

*Thanks to my friend Summer who gave me the idea/suggestion for this FHE lesson.