Monday, October 18, 2010


Family Home Evening

Opening Prayer: Child

Opening Song: "I'm trying to be like Jesus" Children's Songbook #78
Lesson: Dad

(this activity comes from the Nov/Dec 2007 Lds Living Magazine)

Have someone get down on their hands and knees on a towel. Place a cup of water on the person's back between their shoulder blades (ask them to make themselves flat/steady like) As the person to remove the cup without spilling it.

You can either let everyone have a go (and fail) or you can just have one demonstration.

Then ask the child if they can do it. Ask them to think of a way they can get the cup off their back.

Mine didnt - so after some gentle prodding we worked out that PERHAPS we could just ask someone to take it off our back for us.

Things you can teach from this object lesson

Sometimes we are placed in a position to help someone who cannot complete a task alone. Ask children "How do you help mummy?" How do you help Daddy, How do you help your brother or sisters/grandparents etc

For older children we can liken this to the gift of Eternal Life from Jesus. Jesus died on the cross so our sins may be forgiven that we may live in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus again. Jesus did something for us that we CANNOT DO for ourselves.


My girls wanted to keep putting cups of water on their backs!!

Make a little flip book (in those cheap photo albums) of pictures of Jesus. Say Jesus can help us whenever we need him.

Closing Song: Tell me the stories of Jesus Children's Songbook #57

Closing Prayer: Mom


Smoothies in your cup

Candy served in cups