Sunday, May 13, 2012


Family Home Evening Lesson
Love and Kindness to others

Opening Song: Kindness begins with me Children's Songbook #145

Opening Prayer: Child


{this lesson was made combining ideas from , sugardoodle , Lara Goold  ,The FHE spot 
Please go to original sites to check them out in full.}

Have prepared some prewritten cards/notes to each child. Write a short message on how much you love them. Point out positive attributes about how well/when they show love.

Start off by playing this guessing game Begin the game by saying, “I am thinking of something.” Then give the following clues:

1. We cannot see it.

2. We can feel it, but not with our hands.

3. It can be divided up indefinitely.

4. We will never run out of it.

5. It makes us happy.

6. It makes us want to do things for others.

7. It makes us humble.

8. It gives us patience.

9. It makes us want to avoid unrighteous actions.

10. It helps us to be contented with what we have.
After each clue, give family members a chance to guess what it is you are thinking of. Add other clues as you think of them until the family discovers the answer or reaches a time limit.
When they have discovered that “love” is the answer, have family members take turns explaining how love fits each of the clues that you have given. For example, the clue “It can be divided up indefinitely” means that we can love everyone without decreasing our love for any individual.
Show picture of Mary and Jesus as a child:

First emphasize to them that Jesus was once a child like them and although he was perfect he probably liked to run and play like they do and even faced many of the same temptations that they face, so Heavenly Father blessed him with a family (Mary and Joseph) to love, teach, and take care of him.

What if Jesus Came to Visit Us ?

How would you feel if Jesus came to visit us in our home?

Would we want to change the way we act toward each other?

Explain that the Savior would be unhappy if family members were not kind and loving to each other. He cares about each one of us and wants us to feel the love that he and Heavenly Father have for us. We cannot feel their love and support in our home when family members do not show love and kindness.

Show picture from your wedding and ask:

Do you know how many years ago we got married? Do you know what temple this was? Do you know why we got married in the temple? Very briefly talk of how you loved each other so much that you wanted to make sure your family could be together forever. Even though none of them were born yet, you knew you wanted them to be a part of your forever family someday.

Show current family picture:

Talk about how happy you were when you found out that each one of them was coming to join your family and how grateful you are that you have a forever family.

Ask (while still showing picture):

Do you think that Heavenly Father wants us to be grumpy and mean to each other? Of course not. Heavenly Father wants our homes to be places where we feel love and can grow and learn together, but in order to make this happen we all have to work to do our part.Explain how sad it makes you (and Heavenly Father) when people are fighting or arguing with each otherand that together everyone can work to make your home a happier place.

Activities: choose one or more

Role Play:

Tell them that we are going to practice finding positive solutions to frustrating experiences we may face. There’s no exactly right way to do it, but the point is that you do not yell, disobey, tear down, or say mean things. We want to do the thing that will best help our home to be a happy, peaceful place.
Take turns picking a slip listed with a negative situation and find a happy solution to the problem.

 Practicing Tone:
 Let's practice speaking in different ways. First say "No Thankyou" but in an angry voice. Now say "No Thankyou" in a happy voice. Which was a kinder tone? Now try shouting "Go get the book!" Now whisper it. Which was better? Now say "I love you" with a frown and a pouty voice, then with a smile and a sweet voice. Point out that it is much kinder to smile while saying nice things. Emphasize that to speak kindly it's not just the words that matter, but it's the way we speak- our tone, volume, expression/body language. You may want to practice more phrases depending on your children.

Spin the Bottle Game:
Seat family members in a circle with a soda bottle on its side in the middle of the circle. Before each turn, announce what the person whom the bottle points to will do. Then spin the bottle. For example, after the bottle stops spinning, have the person that the bottle points to give someone a hug or a kiss, tell something helpful that someone did for him lately, say what he likes about someone, do something for someone that can be done quickly, or promise to do a small deed for someone during the next day. You can add other things to do that are appropriate for your family.

Visit to the Doctor ( tongue/mouth doctor)
Wear a white lab looking coat and in each of the big pockets had tongue depressor/popsicle sticks. One each one was written either a nice or a mean phrase. Examples included:

You are special.
You are stupid.
I like being with you.
Go away!
I'm sorry.

These sticks are to check and see how the phrases coming out of your mouth are: good or bad. We each took turns pulling a stick out.  Place on child's tongue. Get them to check if it is good/healthy words coming out of their mouth/tongue.

Closing Song: Where love is Childrens Songbook #138

Closing Prayer: Child