Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goals and Resolutions

Family Home Evening Lesson
New Year Goals

Opening Song:

Opening Prayer: Child


It's never too late to set goals and resolutions.
Because its Summer School Holidays in the southern hemisphere, we are only just now getting back to life and routine here.

So even though late it was fun to do a FHE and set some goals for the year.

I got my children to list things they would like to DO this year

Visit Planetarium
Visit favourite Parks
mentioned a few of their favourite family traditions

We decided that we had enough activities for half a year and will designate one saturday a month to check off the above activities.

Via design mom I heard about these fun questions to ask your children {and keep their replies to look back on over the years}

This year:

Something I want to do
Something I want to read
Somewhere I want to go
something I want to be better at
Something I want

Maybe you can include
spiritual goals, {prayers, scripture reading holding regular FHE}
physical goals {games to play with kids, daily walks together}
Places to go
Mental health/organizational goals {kids helping with chores}

Have fun planning out an awesome year! I find written down goals seem to happen more and better!

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer: