Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Symbols

Family Home Evening Lesson
Christmas Wreath

Opening Song: "Away in a Manger" Children's Songbook # 42

Opening Prayer: Daddy

Lesson: Mommy

In the weeks leading up to Christmas we are doing FHE lessons about the symbols of Christmas. Instead of doing it all at once I have chosen to focus on just one each week, keeping the lesson quick and simple.

Hold up a wreath or picture of a wreath

What is this? What does it mean? Why do we have wreaths at Christmas time?

Wreaths are like a circle. Which means no beginning 0r no ending. This symbolises eternity - the unending cirle of life. The evergreen tree (used to make wreaths) means growth and everlasting life. Holly branches have thorns. When used in a wreath it symbolises the crown of thorns put on Jesus head when he was crucified. The red berries symbolise his blood that was shed for us.

Make a wreath

Paper plate wreath instructions found here at filth wizardry very cute.

Coat hanger wreath:
Bend a coat hanger into circle shape. Secure tinsel with tape and wrap Tinsel around and around and around. Secure end with sticky tape. Add bows, decorations as you wish.

Closing Song: "Picture a Christmas" Children's Songbook # 50

Closing Prayer: Child


Click here for Wreath Candy using cornflakes and marshmallows.

Hard Candy Wreath found here